We’ll Miss Our Retiring Teachers

By Arianna Scavone

Originally published June 2013

The Jericho community will certainly miss the retiring teachers this year.  The student body looks up to and respects all of the teachers–even if they don’t show it all the time. This year, technology teacher, Mr. Hecht, and chemistry teacher, Mr. Anderson, will be saying goodbye to Jericho.


Mr. Hecht has been spending his final year at Jericho teaching Introduction to Engineering & Design, which is the first class in the engineering course. Although he won’t continue to see the engineering course grow, he’s happy to have seen it start and is sure that Jericho students will continue to excel.

“I’ve had so many memories here in the past 13 years, I couldn’t tell you my favorite. I will say that I get a real kick out of seeing things like students sharing food. I saw one kid feeding another his Village Hero sandwich like a baby bird. That made me hysterical!” said Hecht. Mr. Hecht has also actually built very powerful connections with his colleges. Mr. Hecht holds close friendships with Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Herbert, two other technology teachers here in Jericho.

“We’ll honestly miss Mr. Hecht.” Sherwin Soroush, a freshman in Hecht’s IED class said, “Mr. Hecht is great. He’s always willing to help me out when I need it. Also, he makes class fun.” Sherwin isn’t the only one who will miss Mr. Hecht. Teacher James Kennedy said, “He’s one of my best friends here. He’s one of those people who would do anything for anyone at anytime anywhere.” The two friends will continue to play golf together and socialize outside of school after Mr. Hecht’s retirement.

image005[1]Mr. Anderson, another beloved teacher in Jericho is retiring this year. Mr. Anderson has been a chemistry teacher for 28 years at Jericho High School while also coaching bowling and golf. He has been a grade advisor for student council. Although he won’t continue to teach in the district, his next job will be teaching at North Shore Hebrew Academy High School where the veteran teacher will add on to the 41 years of his outstanding career.

Over the years, Mr. Anderson has built a strong foundation of memories here at Jericho “The kids were a thrill, they’re always a pleasure to teach, ” Anderson said.  “I love teaching! I think the contact with kids keeps you young.”

With school at it’s end, lockers being cleaned, and students and teachers coming and going, Jericho High School will have to say “farewell” to the retiring teachers. Mr. Hecht and Mr. Anderson have made lasting impacts on their students’ lives that will surely transcend their time spent in the classroom.

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