The Class of 2014


Originally published June 2013

Every class of Jericho High School has something they’re remembered for. The members of the class of 2014 have different opinions of how they will be remembered. Based on a JerEcho survey, 61.5% said that the class be remembered as smart and competitive. Ben K. thinks that “we will be most remembered as the senior class who was most competitive over college.” Nicole Glabman thinks that “our class will be remembered as the class that had the most energy and spirit.”

A majority of the of the respondents,  64.1%, said that they don’t think the class of 2014 is spirited at all. However, Junior Sammi Stoopler says that she thinks that the class of 2014 will bring great energy to Jericho High School and increase the school spirit. She noticed that at Battle of the Classes that the class of 2014 was one of the most spirited.  A bit more than half or 52.4 % of the respondents said that  the class of 2014 will not act as good role models next year.

Only time will tell when we can analyze the class again at the end of their senior year in June 2014.


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