Jericho Hosts the Seventh Annual Joseph Farrell Meet


On Saturday, September 28 the Jericho girls varsity swimming and diving team held its 7th annual Joseph Farrell Memorial swim meet. Three other swim teams on Long Island (Port Washington, Long Beach, and East Meadow) joined the Jericho Lady Jayhawks in honoring the late and beloved swim coach, Joseph Farrell.

Farrel_Swim_MeetJoseph Farrell was the head coach of the Jericho girls varsity swimming and diving team for three years before he passed away of a sudden heart attack on July 6, 2007. Coach Farrell had won a coach of the year award and helped the team win two conference titles. He has left a huge impact on the Jericho swimming program, not only through the people who knew him, but also through the coaching programs and traditions still utilized today. In addition, in 2006, Joe Farrell established the Long Island Express swim team at Jericho High School. It was his dream to integrate Jericho into the Nassau County Swimming Community.

In order to honor Joe Farrell, the girls varsity swimming and diving program has annually hosted the Joseph Farrell Memorial Swim Meet and has created the Joseph Farrell Scholarship. The meet is held to fund the $1,000 athletic scholarship awarded to each of two student athletes. Last year’s scholarship winners were student athletes Colleen McCormack and Noah White.

In order to fund the scholarship, many local Jericho businesses and families donated food and money for this meet. Throughout the day, the Jericho swimmers and their families helped sell baked goods, t-shirts, fruits, and drinks. The entire pool area was decorated, music was blasting, friendships were made, and swimmers bonded.

The winner of the 7th Annual Joseph Farrell Memorial Swim Meet was Long Beach, second place was awarded to Port Washington, third place to Jericho, and fourth place to East Meadow. The majority of the Jericho swimmers saw their best times in their events and some divers performed their best dives at this meet. The relay consisting of freshmen Sandra Li and Maritha Du, and seniors Kaitlyn Kallansrude and Diane Na won first place in the 200 yard freestyle event.

The Joseph Farrell Memorial Swim Meet is the Jericho girls varsity swimming and diving team’s tradition in honoring a beloved, highly respected man in Jericho athletics. His legacy will live on through the Jericho Swim program and in the hearts of every swimmer and friend he has ever touched.

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