Jericho Students React to iOS 7

The new appearance and vibrant colors make the IPhone a new and improved device.

The new appearance and vibrant colors that accompany the iOS 7 upgrade make the iPhone a new and improved device.


The new Apple software, iOS 7, was recently introduced to the public, and although there are many positives, some customers have observed setbacks in the new software.

New features like the Control Center, AirDrop, and iTunes Radio are popular among customers. “All the additions make my life a lot easier,” said Jericho High School senior Alex Marshall. “For example, when I drive I use Bluetooth a lot and keep it on when I am not driving.”

Many people prefer iOS 7 because of its main addition, the Control Center. Now, instead of digging through one’s settings to lower the screen brightness or to turn on Wi-Fi, one can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to adjust such settings. When asked which feature of the update he found most useful, Alex Marshall said, “Probably the Control Center because it really simplifies everything and my house has really bad Wi-Fi, so I can just turn on and off and adjust the brightness or volume easily.”

However, others dislike the new software and find it very hard to learn.  “It doesn’t look cool and it doesn’t spark my interest,” said Robby Jenis, another JHS senior. Some may find the new changes jarring at first due to the software’s drastic aesthetic differences. This is the case especially for older customers.  The vibrant colors and loaded Control Center may overwhelm some people.

Jericho High School student using the new software on his iPhone.

Senior Alex Marshall finds it a lot easier to navigate his iPhone with the new software.

An employee from Apple Tech Support explained that the recent sales hike is mostly due to the upgrade in software. “It has absolutely increased,” the representative said. According to Google Finance, an additional 13.2 million customers have upgraded devices since the release of the new iOS 7 software.

“A lot of people have trouble getting used to the new software, but with technology you have to just keep advancing,” added the Apple Tech Support employee.  With the new software, it seems that is just what Apple has done.

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