Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team “Digs Pink”


On Wednesday October 16, the Jericho girls varsity volleyball team hosted its annual and highly anticipated “Dig Pink” volleyball game against Great Neck South High School. For the players, the game’s true objective is to promote breast cancer awareness and raise money for the Breast Cancer Side-Out Foundation.

Dig Pink

The spirited team gathers in front of one of their colorful banners before their game against Great Neck South High School.

The girls began preparing for their big game weeks in advance. They collected donations from family, friends, and peers; designed brand-new pink uniforms; created posters to decorate the gym; and organized and baked for a delicious pre-game bake sale. Each player on the team brought in homemade goodies that went along nicely with the exuberant pink theme.

After indulging in some treats, the girls were ready to play. The gym was completely transformed from its usual blue and gold appearance; the court, crowd, players, and surroundings were all covered in pink. As expected, the “Dig Pink” game proved to be an exciting match. Luckily, the team brought home a win for Jericho.

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“The entire girls volleyball program made such an incredible effort to raise money in the fight against breast cancer,” said proud coach Lauren Rakita. “Our annual ‘Dig Pink’ games were a huge success this year. Thank you to the players, parents, teachers, and fans for all the support.”

At the start of the season, the girls set a fundraising goal of $200 to top their collections from last year. So far, they have greatly surpassed their initial goal, raising close to $1,000.

If you would like to donate and help contribute to the success of the Jericho girls varsity volleyball Team’s “Dig Pink” new fundraising goal, please click here.

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