Jericho Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this past October, Jericho High School students and faculty raised money and hosted events to support breast cancer research and to contribute to an internationally celebrated month filled with spreading awareness about the cause.

The girls of the varsity volleyball team were warriors in pink and donned the cause’s signature color to show their support while the Jericho staff members celebrated Lee National Denim Day by donning their favorite pairs of jeans. A breast cancer spokeswoman also visited the high school to educate sophomores about breast cancer and early detection.

Brittany Goldstein, Jericho High School junior and dedicated girls’ varsity volleyball team member, explained how the girls on her team came together to raise awareness through doing what they love. On October 16, Jericho hosted Great Neck South for a heated game, during which the Jayhawks were decked out in pink socks, pink bows, pink sweatpants, and, of course, pink jerseys. Goldstein added that the volleyball team also made baked goods and posters to raise awareness about breast cancer.

“I made baked goods and a gigantic poster that hung on the gym walls,” said Goldstein. “I also created a group on Facebook to get the word out. It was important for me to let students of Jericho High School realize that breast cancer affects many people, and coming to this game and just buying one baked good or raffle ticket will go a long way.”

All of the proceeds from their fundraisers were donated directly to breast cancer research funds.

Click here to view the varsity girls’ volleyball game in support of breast cancer awareness.

Elizabeth Davis from The Maurer Foundation brought breast cancer education to Jericho on October 29 and 30 during Mrs. Denise Romano’s sophomore health classes.  Davis’s passion is to educate children, and she firmly believes that a child’s health is the strong foundation for preventing deadly diseases such as breast cancer. Mrs. Romano invited Davis to class to present a slide show on risk factors of and treatments for breast cancer, and Davis also discussed how to perform a breast self-exam.  Davis encourages teens to be aware of their family medical history, exercise for a minimum of four hours a week, and eat fattening foods in moderation. “We can’t prevent [breast cancer], but we can reduce our risk,” said Davis. At the end of the class Davis gave out a “Know Your Body” pamphlet, filled with healthy food suggestions and detailed instructions about how to administer a breast self-exam.

Jericho High School shows its support at sporting events during the month of October.

The girls’ varsity volleyball team adorned the high school gym with posters like the colorful one above to show its support at sporting events during the month of October.

Since 2002, High School English teacher Ms. Patricia Gulitti and Middle School Spanish teacher Mrs. Fisher have been promoting Lee National Denim Day in the Jericho School District. Ms. Gulitti and Mrs. Fisher notified faculty members about the day, an event on October 4 when faculty and staff wore jeans and pink clothing in exchange for a monetary contribution. The entire school district raised approximately $1,100, $500 of which was raised by Jericho High School alone.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month drew passionate efforts from the school district to support a cause close to home for many, unifying the community for a greater good.

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