Let’s Murder Marsha Is a Killer


IMG_9637Filled with laughs, plot twists, and seaplanes, the fall drama,” Let’s Murder Marsha” was a crowd pleaser.  Over three nights last week, students, faculty, and parents poured into the Little Theater to witness the production.  The cast and crew worked tirelessly to bring the play to life, and they couldn’t wait to share it with the community.

“Very few people can take an obscure ’80s comedy about misunderstandings and a mystery book and a seaplane and make it so hilarious that people laugh until they cry,” said star of “Let’s Murder Marsha” and Drama club president Lily Lipman, “but this cast can and did.”


The play follows housewife Marsha Gillmore who is addicted to mystery novels.  She is forced to read them secretly since her husband, Tobias, believes they make her nervous and insane.  Life in this “ordinary” home takes a turn when Marsha overhears Tobias talking with Percis Devour, an interior decorator, about Marsha’s birthday surprise.  To Marsha’s ears it sounds as if the two are planning to kill her and in order to stop her murder she enlists the help of her nextdoor neighbor, Virgil Baxter.  Chaos ensues as Marsha and Virgil rush to conceive a plan to murder Tobias and Percis before they murder her.

IMG_9568Lily Lipman starred as Marsha Gillmore, and, as the heart and soul of the show, kept the performance on track and provided comic relief.  First time high school actor, Robby Jenis starred alongside Lily as Tobias Gillmore, the perplexed husband whose only wish is to see his wife happy on her birthday.  As the very funny neighbor, Gregory Chestler played Virgil Baxter who received audience laughter with every entrance and exit.  Kendra Kirby starred as Percis Devour, an interior decorator hired to decorate Marsha’s surprise birthday present, a new seaplane.  Julie Hartman was featured as the maid who gets mixed up in all of the plans. Rose Gulant


and understudy Nina Gladstein played Marsha’s funny mother who is caught in between the two strategies.  Edward Tan played the policeman whose suspicions get the best of him when he becomes apart of the plan to teach Marsha a lesson.

Directed by Mr. Verderber, “Let’s Murder Marsha” was an exciting play that was enjoyable for all.  Now that the drama is finished the cast and crew are busy planning this year’s musical, “Once Upon A Mattress,” which will open in March 2014.

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  • Mellene Hederian
    1 December 2013 at 4:09 am -

    Sam, great job- and I’m a sucker for a punny headline!


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