• It’s a Nest Fest

    by - Dec 16, 2013
    By ARIANNA SCAVONE, TAYLOR KANG and RACHEL HIRSCHHEIMER In celebration of all fall sports and especially the Jericho boys varsity soccer team’s third NY State Championship, the JHS Student Council organized Nest Fest. Below are pictures...
  • JHS Helps the Homeless

    by - Dec 9, 2013
    By SAM NEWMAN On Thursday, December 5th, the Jericho High School French Honor Society held their second annual bagged lunch event, a project where students in the club make sandwiches to distribute to Long Island’s homeless and...
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Leaves Viewers Full

    by - Dec 5, 2013
    By SAM NEWMAN Special Note: Please imagine this review to be typed in upper-case letters, as the pure joy and excitement that results from viewing this film requires the constant use of THIS CASE. This is The Hunger Games: Catching...