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The first 47 NFL Super Bowls were all played in warm weather climates such as Miami or Dallas, but this Super Bowl XLVIII will be played in the tri-state area for the first time in the game’s history. This year’s participants, the Seattle Seahawks from the NFC and the Denver Broncos from the AFC, were the top two teams in the NFL, which means this game is really a battle of the best.

The Broncos, led by QB Peyton Manning, have the #1 ranked offense, averaging about 38 points per game. Manning had one of the best years of all time by setting the single season passing touchdowns and passing yards records. With other players like Wes Welker and Knowshon Moreno, the Broncos are nearly unstoppable. However, the Seahawks motto is “Defense.” With a top defense allowing a meager 14 points per game, it’s going to be tough for Denver to get points. Cornerback Richard Sherman, who is now notorious for his postgame rant after the NFC Championship game against rival San Francisco, leads that Seattle defense. Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch are Seattle’s dynamic duo on offense.

Many people around the country have said since May of 2010, when the NFL announced the site for this year’s Super Bowl, that the idea for the game to be in East Rutherford is downright stupid. When asked what he thought of the game being played in a cold weather site, freshman Ben Alon said, “ I think that it will be tough for the players in such cold conditions even if the teams have already played in cold places in the past.”

Super Bowl XLVIII Preview photo

Freshman Ben Alon predicts Peyton Manning will lead the Broncos to victory.

With all the cold temperatures and snow the northeast has received this winter, it is possible that Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first to ever have below freezing temperatures. Although Denver and Seattle are both used to dealing with the elements, playing in such conditions during the Super Bowl is a whole different challenge.

After informally polling Jericho HS students  about their predictions for the win on Super Bowl Sunday, 60% are going with Denver. Freshman Matt Masheb predicted a 27-23 win for the Broncos. He said, “Peyton Manning knows this game will define his legacy and he will play like it does. Also, great offense beats great defense.”

It’s clear that it will be another great Super Bowl, and that’s why I’m predicting a 24-17 victory for the Denver Broncos.

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