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Recently, a new trend known as “Outfit of the Day” or “OOTD” has grown more common on social media sites.  This trend allows people with similar fashion senses to share and receive new ideas from one another by simply searching for the Twitter hashtag “OOTD.”

Alex Lashely often uploads an "Outfit of the Day" to Instagram to show her style choice to her followers.

Senior Alex Lashley often uploads an “Outfit of the Day” to Instagram to show her followers her style choice.

Gender roles are becoming more prevalent in this new fad.  According to a study conducted in the Huffington Post, “Outfit of the Day” is more popular among females as opposed to males; however, the percentage difference is a mere six percent.   Alex Lashley, a senior who uses the hashtag said, “I think girls utilize the hashtag more because girls tend to dress to impress more than guys do.  Our culture emphasizes looks and the importance of appearance, and I believe girls are more conscious of it than boys are.”

Male students in Jericho are less likely to use the hashtag “Outfit of the Day,” according to a survey sent out to the Jericho High School student body.   Students who completed the survey said that females are more likely to partake in this trend–98.2% to 1.8%.  Junior J.T. Zhao said, “I personally don’t use the hashtag because I’d like to wear an outfit more than once and a picture of it means I’m less likely to wear that outfit.”  Most male Jericho High School students view this trend as a female one and, therefore, are less likely to participate.

By simply typing "#OOTD", Alex Lashley is able to share her outfits with her Instagram followers.

By simply typing “#OOTD,” Lashley is able to share her outfits with her Instagram followers.

The hashtag is experiencing rising popularity among users on sites such as Twitter and Instagram because it serves as a personal outlet of self-expression.   Lashley said, “It allows me to share my favorite thing, my clothes, with my friends and followers.  Not only is it a way for me to save and share my own outfits but also to see others for inspiration.”  This feeling is illustrated among teenagers from all over, as this hashtag gets millions of new Instagram posts every day.  Use of “Outfit of the Day” can encourage people to purchase new outfits as well as see “what other people think of their style,” said senior Paige Hutner.

Lashley said, “Searching #OOTD presents a world’s worth of outfit inspiration for me to use every day.”“Outfit of the Day” is a creative outlet for many teenagers who are looking to get inspired as well as be inspired by others who share similar interests.

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