Jericho’s Diversity Day 2014


On Tuesday February 11th, Jericho Middle and High School students celebrated Diversity Day, an annual celebration during which students and teachers learn about and celebrate each others’ cultures through various performances. Boasting a range of acts from traditional Indian dances to Honor Society renditions of tunes, this year’s Diversity Day was definitely a success.

Members of the Spanish Honor Society perform at this year's Diversity Day.

Members of the Spanish Honor Society performing at this year’s Diversity Day.

Curriculum Associate of World Languages Dr. Elaine Margarita has been instrumental in the Diversity Day production for 14 years. She helped bring the idea to Jericho and said that she was “very proud of the program, and the focus it has on diversity.” Margarita said that Ms. Waters and the other language teachers do an “excellent job in bringing such outstanding programs like Diversity Day to our students.” What didn’t Margarita like about this year’s Diversity Day?  The fact that it had to end. “I loved all the wonderful personal stories shared by the students,” she said.

Senior Dani Josephson participated in Diversity Day for the first time this year. “I really liked finally being a part of Diversity Day,” she said. “I did a dance for Italian Honor Society. At first I was embarrassed to be in it, but after I performed, I was really glad I did.”

Diversity Day proved not only exciting for students who took part in the program, but also for the students who watched. Freshman Jared Levy enjoyed the various acts that his fellow students performed. “I wasn’t expecting the show to be so diverse. I really enjoyed watching it,” he shared. “It was really great to see so many different cultures come together.”

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