New York Yankees Season Preview


The New York Yankees concluded last year’s disappointing season without making the playoffs, and consequently a majority of fans wanted changes made to the team. Now that the new season has begun, the Yankees have built a star-studded roster geared for a World Series run. After losing lead second baseman Robinson Cano and outfielder Curtis Granderson, the Yankees spent millions signing all-stars Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Carlos Beltran to bring in some much-needed fresh talent. And with third baseman Alex Rodriguez suspended for the season, the team signed pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, sparking excitement amongst die hard fans who heralded the newcomer the next star player.


Derek Jeter shocked fans when he announced his plans to retire at the end of the 2014 season (New York Times).

This promising start came to a screeching halt when the Yankees captain Derek Jeter revealed his upcoming retirement at the end of the 2014 season. This news, combined with Mariano Rivera’s retirement last year, saddened many Yankees fans, who were disheartened to hear that the last remaining member of the “Core Four” would be leaving the team. Nonetheless, it is popularly regarded that 2014 should be Jeter’s last year with the Yankees as the player has not been in good health since 2012. Jeter has won five World Series championships throughout his career as a Yankee, and it seems quite possible that he will end it with six World Series titles.

Although much of this season will focus on Ellsbury, Beltran, McCann, Tanaka, and Jeter, baseball is a team sport, and each player needs to contribute. New closer David Robertson will have to attempt to fill the shoes of Mariano Rivera, one of the best closers of all-time. First baseman Mark Texiera and outfielder Brett Gardner, two of the few players who have spent several years on the team, are also key contributors. Furthermore, the presence of CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka ensures that the team will have excellent pitching throughout the season.


Newcomer Masahiro Tanaka (right) is widely regarded as the next star player of the New York Yankees (New York Times).

Overall, the Yankees seem to have a promising season looming before them. Multiple Jericho High School students contend that the Major League Baseball team will make the playoffs. JHS freshman Spencer Russell said, “The Yankees have a great lineup and will win the World Series.”

I predict that the Yankees will finish 94-68 in the regular season before losing in the World Series. Jeter and the Yankees will come close, but ultimately won’t succeed in winning World Series #28.

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