Choreo 2014: A Dance to Remember


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On April 3rd and 4th Jericho’s dance program performed its annual Choreo production featuring student choreographed pieces. This year highlighted not only the usual tap, jazz, lyrical, and hip- hop, but also a break dancing b-boy crew and a duet that lit up the stage and received a roar of applause.

The duet was choreographed and performed by juniors Kendra Kirby and JT Zhao. Kirby said, “Dancing with a partner was certainly interesting, but being able to connect with someone and communicate through dance was an absolutely beautiful experience.”

Another unusual extra to Choreo was the multitude of freshmen featured in numerous upper level dances, contrary to past years when freshmen only performed in one or two dances.  One featured freshman, Dani Chipman, said, “ I’ve heard a lot about Choreo from some of the older kids in the program, but I did not expect it to be nearly as amazing as it was. Being able to dance in more than once dance as a freshman was really fun, especially getting to dance with a bunch of upperclassmen. I’m already excited for next year!”

Sophomore Maria Kiriazis said, “My second year in Choreo was amazing.  I loved being in the opening number, choreographed by Mrs. Corbett, and getting to learn two styles of dance.  I am so happy that I have two years left in the program, but I am going to miss the graduating seniors so much.”

Senior Ryan Sandler said, “The dance program has played such a big part in my life. It will be so hard to say goodbye this year but it was a great last year. My favorite part about this year was being able to participate in so many amazing dance and helping guide the younger dancers into the program.”  Sandler was featured in seven dances, and choreographed an advanced lyrical piece.

Another talented senior, Monica Hirschheimer, choreographed three dances and danced in four additional ones. With seven dances, Hirschheimer spent the past months building up to Choreo in the dance studio, spending hours upon hours perfecting her dances. Hirschheimer said, “It’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I will cherish all of my memories from Choreo forever and always.  I want to thank everyone who made my senior year of Choreo unforgettable.” All the dancers in  the program are sad to see Choreo 2014 end.  The seniors in the program will be missed greatly, but the wheels are already in motion for next year.

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