Another Great Season of “Law and Order: SVU “


The hit television series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit has, as of 2013, been around for 15 seasons, and is still getting better. The action-packed episodes leave the viewers wanting more every week, despite the graphic nature of the show, which covers crimes such as child molestation, sexual assault, rape, kidnapping, and domestic abuse.

Detective Olivia Benson and Captain Donald Cragen have been mainstays on the show since season one. The twist in this upcoming season is that Benson has replaced the now retired Cragen as captain. Another enticing hook is the plethora of exciting guest stars including Alec Baldwin, Dean Cain, Martin Short, Cynthia Nixon, John Stamos, and Ian Somerhalder.

Alec Baldwin is one of the many exciting guest stars on Law and Order: SVU this season.

Alec Baldwin, right,  is one of the many exciting guest stars on Law and Order: SVU this season (NBC).

Many fans feared that Captain Donald Cragen’s departure would doom the show to a perpetual influx of stale writing and dull episodes, or worse, a premature cancellation. Yet from the looks of it, the show is doing well, and the various storylines that the producers have come up with continue to prove refreshing and gripping. Some of the episodes are a bit sentimental, perhaps even tearjerking for the particularly sensitive viewer. There are also traumatizing episodes that leave the audience with not only a story, but also a life lesson.

Law and Order: SVU is more than just a show; in many fans’ opinions, each episode has a moral, such as to always be careful of your surroundings or to whom you speak. Senior Sabrina Berman said, “I learn something new from this show every time I watch it.”

Mariska Hargity portrays Olivia Benson, who this season replaces Captian Donald Cragan.

Mariska Hargity portrays Olivia Benson who replaces Captian Donald Cragan this season (NBC).

While these episodes are not based on true events, they easily could be. It’s jarring that one small misstep can lead either to death or to a traumatizing experience. Although Donald Cragen always gave the best orders and knew what he was doing, Olivia Benson has been proving her chops as a great captain as well. The actors, including Mariska Hargitay (Benson), demonstrate tremendous talent and stark realism in their deliveries, which, in combination with the fantastic writing on the show, make for a season of Law and Order: SVU that fails to disappoint.

Watch NBC’s Law and Order: SVU on Wednesdays 9/8c. The season finale airs on May 21.


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