• Meet ED, Mia, and Ana, the New Faces of Eating Disorders

    by - Oct 30, 2014
    By ALEXIS CORBIN and ALANNA LEVINE Names of some sources have been withheld to protect their privacy. From online Ana’s Cookbooks to “fun” tips on “thinspiration” blogs, the Internet has become a dangerous world for those with...
  • A Bribe to Subscribe

    by - Oct 24, 2014
    By RACHEL HIRSCHHEIMER, SAMANTHA STEIN, CHLOE CITRON and ALEXIS CORBIN In an attempt to increase subscription, the JerEcho club ran a Bribe to Subscribe campaign in which students got a free chance to win a jar...
  • Prom 2014

    by - Oct 23, 2014
    Click the pictures below to view a gallery of Prom 2014....Read More
  • What’s Cooking in Gourmet Basics

    by - Oct 21, 2014
    By RACHEL HIRSCHHEIMER and SAMMI STEIN Gourmet Basics is a popular Jericho High School elective taught by Mrs. Janine Rodriguez.  This class gives students an introduction to cooking and baking, and provides them with knowledge of kitchen terminology.   Video...
  • To Tell or Not To Tell – Where They’re Applying

    by - Oct 21, 2014
    By LAUREN DOLOWICH and SABRINA BERMAN When the much-dreaded season of college applications rolls in every fall, Jericho High School seniors cope in various ways with the immense levels of stress and pressure that accompany making such a decision. Some seniors...
  • Staff ID Cards Aim to Make Jericho Safer

    by - Oct 20, 2014
    By NICOLE DUKOFF Starting at  the beginning of this school year, the Jericho High School district now requires that all staff members wear ID cards.  While these cards are not as high tech as other schools’ cards...
  • Star Struck with “The Fault In Our Stars”

    by - Oct 17, 2014
    By MIKAELA ADWAR The week of June 2nd proved to be one of the most overwhelming and exhilarating weeks of my entire life. John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, the bestselling novel chronicling the tale of two...
  • Jericho’s Science Research Program Soars

    by - Oct 16, 2014
    By CHLOE CITRON and DREW COHEN The science research program at Jericho High School is one of the most popular courses the school has to offer. The program had a record high of eight semifinalists in...
  • Sweet Treats at Jericho’s Homecoming 2014

    by - Oct 15, 2014
    By RACHEL HIRSCHHEIMER Thoughts of Homecoming usually center around rides, but this year students cared more about the snacks.  Here are some opinions regarding the tasty treats sold at Jericho’s 2014 Homecoming carnival. Video not working? Click here....Read More
  • Minutes Away, Worlds Apart

    by - Oct 14, 2014
    By ALANNA LEVINE and RACHEL HOFFMAN She pulls into the senior lot at 8:45 a.m., grabs her backpack from the rear seat of her new car, and complains about the two minute commute from the parking lot to the high school...