Booting Up for Winter


In Jericho High School’s hallways, students can be found sporting this winter’s latest trend, classic Timberland boots. A-list celebrities, from Rihanna to Jay-Z, have been seen wearing Timbs and now Jericho students are rockin’ the look.

Timberland’s style history has come a long way since the 1970’s. The company, founded in 1973 by Nathan Swartz, originally created these boots for the working man. According to Timberland’s website, “In 1973, Sidney [Swartz’s son] introduced one of the first waterproof leather boots of its kind. Incorporating premium full grain nubuck leather, thick rubber lug soles and unprecedented craftsmanship, the yellow boot was an instant classic.”

These days, the boots are just as likely to be worn by construction workers and lumberjacks, as they are to be worn by fashion models, celebrities, and high school students.   Junior Allison Genatt stated, “What I like about wearing Timberlands is that I like how they’re super comfortable and they’re fashionable at the same time…cute and cool.“ She even recommended wearing Timbs with high socks, a loose sweater, and leggings.

Just as they are popular among Jericho High School’s diverse student body filled with artists, athletes and intellectuals, Timberland boots are loved by a variety of customers.

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