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Disney’s most recent animated superhero movie, “Big Hero 6,” takes place in San Fransokyo, a fictional, futuristic combination of San Francisco and Tokyo. Based on Marvel Comics, this movie marks the first film collaboration between Disney and Marvel since their union in 2009.

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Hiro Hamada, a brilliant boy who spends his time on the streets participating in robot fighting matches, must learn how to utilize his ability for good. Hiro’’s older brother, Tadashi, trying to convince Hiro to use his intelligence for good, tells him to apply to the robotics lab at his university and introduces him to five of his friends (who later make up the Big Hero 6). Hiro invents microbots, which are nanorobots that he can control telepathically. It is a mind-blowing presentation that impresses Robert Callaghan, the robotics professor and head of the robotics program, and Alistair Krei, a billionaire who wants to buy Hiro’’s microbots. However, on the night Hiro presents his work, a tragic fire occurs at the university, taking the lives of both Tadashi and Professor Callaghan, who had accepted Hiro into the program only moments before the accident. Suspicious of whether the fire was truly an accident and fueled by his grief over Tadashi’’s death, Hiro, accompanied by the other five members of Big Hero 6, embark on a mission to find his brother’’s murderer and to seek vengeance.

The film follows Hiro’s discovery of a robot that Tadashi had labored over. Its name is Baymax, and it is a friendly robot that looks like a big, white marshmallow. Baymax was designed to be a health provider/nurse that helps the ill, and he turns on whenever someone says, “Ow!”” His sole purpose is to care for patients.” Baymax cares for Hiro, protecting him, supporting him, and loving him– in short, a surrogate big brother.

Hiro, Baymax, and their friends make up the Big Hero 6 and must save San Fransokyo when an evil villain (I won’’t spoil who it is if you haven’’t seen the movie yet!) threatens to destroy the city out of vengeance. With Baymax’s help, Hiro learns throughout his journey from street rat to superhero that compassion and  forgiveness are some of the most important qualities. By portraying Hiro’s quest for vengeance, “Big Hero 6” demonstrates to kids that, while retribution is temporary, forgiveness is forever.

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Extremely well-written and starring adorable characters such as the lovable Baymax, “Big Hero 6” provides a plethora of hilarious moments and will really tug at the heartstrings of every viewer, regardless of age. Along with its original storyline, the film features a diverse cast, including multicultural actors and some prominent female characters.

Overall, this movie is very charming, and I fully recommend it to any moviegoer, no matter the age. It will, by turns, induce tears and laughter, and ultimately leave the viewer filled with joy. Disney outdid itself again with a truly touching and emotional film that teaches its young viewers about the importance of love and grace.

“Big Hero 6” is in theaters now.

Here is the trailer.

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