The Greatest Gore on Television: “American Horror Story”


“American Horror story” is an FX original series filled with drama, gore, violence, and horror that attracts viewers of all ages. The show was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who aired the series premiere October 5, 2011.  The main actors and actresses include the talented Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson, and Kathy Bates, who return every season as new characters.

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“American Horror Story” is currently in its fourth season, titled “Freak Show,” which depicts the lives of people with abnormalities who spend their lives in a circus. The rest of society shuns them, dubbing them “freaks.” Although the average TV enthusiast may not like scary movies or shows, “American Horror Story” is too entertaining to resist. Every new season has a different storyline and characters but stars the same actors, a feature that keeps audiences hooked and eager for more. Every season contains a storyline in the horror genre. For example, the first season chronicled the lives of a family that had just moved into a “murder house,” complete with ghosts and hauntings. The second season was about a wrongly convicted man sentenced to an insane asylum, and the third about a coven of witches with deadly powers. People usually only hear of these stories in books or movies, but the creators of “American Horror Story” consistently do a great job of bringing these outlandish scenarios to life on the silver screen.

“American Horror Story” is most definitely unique in that it portrays people’s deepest fears. Jericho

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High School senior Zack Rosenbloom said, “It’s darker and has more of an artistic feel to it. It’s different from a typical horror movie, and it has such an intriguing storyline that makes it a great TV show.” The show is definitely more stylistic than others in such a way that makes it difficult to turn away from the TV. The characters in every season are so out of the ordinary. “Freak Show” features a two-headed woman, a bearded lady, and a young man with three large fingers on each hand. There are explicit scenes of murder dealing with an insane clown and innocent civilians. The show utilizes gore and horror in ways that are unthinkable to the average person, yet it also creates scenes that are impossible not to enjoy due to their overall intriguing strangeness. JHS senior Alley Wolff said, “I absolutely love ‘American Horror Story,’ but I really hate scary movies. There’s something about the show that’s so unique, and I really love that.”

“American Horror Story” returns January 7th on FX at 10 pm.


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    Awesome! I myself love AHS!

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    Creepy!! But a very nice job, Michelle!


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