Pegasus Sneak Peek


The Pegasus club, currently advised by Dr. Hartnett, has been devoted to producing Jericho High School’s  annual literary magazine for over 20 years.

Senior Ien Li submitted her poem to Pegasus, which will be published in the 2014-2015 magazine. “I initially envisioned a ‘Mean Girls’-esque scenario in my head and wanted to paint this female frenemy interaction as hilariously strange as it really is, ” Li said of her piece. As the president of the club, Li is excited to help publish the upcoming magazine as well as incorporate more of her pieces into it.



Ien Li


A twist of the lips

A quiet smirk to the side

An extravagant hair flip

The foe she eyed


Inattentive conversational chatter

Yet steady vigilance across the floor

Well-timed laughter, but what does it matter

When engrossed with disdainful emotions galore


A casual head turn

A calculated shift of stance

Envy burns in both

With one momentous shared glance


One polite “excuse me for a moment”

Another’s good-natured “I’ll be right back”

Both foes filled with rancor,

Warmed up for attack


Two respectable gentle ladies approaching

An inconspicuous showdown at the arena center

Holding a gaze of revulsion and reproach

Yet neither to be the first offender…

Showering the other with feigned flattery,

With two-faced admiration and

Good wishes, sweet as honey,

Emanating hypocrisy

Don’t you find it funny?

Why is this gender made up of pretenders?





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