• 2015 MLB Season Preview: National League

    by - Mar 31, 2015
    By NICK ALBICOCCO It’s that time of year again as the MLB season is set to begin. After an off-season with more than 100 players switching teams, this upcoming season is unpredictable because parity between teams...
  • 2015 MLB Season Preview: American League

    by - Mar 31, 2015
    By RYAN KAMBER ​It’s that time of year, everyone, and the new season is almost upon us! Following an off-season full of impact trades and signings, the landscape of baseball is changed and parity throughout the...
  • Photography Students Express and Experiment

    by - Mar 25, 2015
    by EMMA GAN and MICHELLE LU Not every class gives students the chance to express their creativity like the Photography Program. Watch this video to learn more about this unique opportunity for Jericho students. Video not working? Click...
  • New Science Olympiad Team Wins Big

    by - Mar 24, 2015
    By KRISTAL WONG On Saturday, January 31st, 2015, Jericho High School competed in its first Science Olympiad regional competition in over ten years. The newly-formed team consisted of 16 freshmen, sophomores and juniors, and teachers Mrs. Hempel and...
  • Pegasus Sneak Peek – “The Little Green Airplane”

    by - Mar 23, 2015
    By TAYLOR KANG The Pegasus club, advised by Dr. Hartnett, has been devoted to producing Jericho High School’s  annual literary magazine for over 20 years. Junior Nasif Quadir submitted his poem “The Little Green Airplane” to Pegasus,...
  • Scholastic Art and Writing 2015

    by - Mar 20, 2015
    By SABRINA WONG Among Jericho High School’s submissions to the annual Scholastic Art and Writing competition this year were an impressive 12 Gold Key winners. Several of the recipients shared their award-winning artwork, the meaning behind their pieces,...
  • Bored and Brilliant: Challenge Accepted

    by - Mar 19, 2015
    Audio by AMANDA DAMON and CARLY LAPIDUS Photos by BELA KIRPALANI and MARIA GRAFAS Recently, Jericho High School’s New Media/Communications classes agreed to take the Bored and Brilliant Challenge posed by WNYC’s New Tech City, a...
  • Students Race to Use Uber

    by - Mar 18, 2015
    by ALEXANDRA NOLAN and GABBY GARTEN The Uber car service, an alternative to traditional taxis, has become an extremely common app since its founding in 2009. While it’s mainly used by adults, Uber’s popularity among teenagers...
  • Fun in Forensics

    by - Mar 17, 2015
    By NIKKI DUKOFF Forensics is a very popular elective among Jericho High School seniors and a popular alternative to overloading on AP classes. Video not working? Click here....Read More
  • Memes Go Viral in Creative Writing

    by - Mar 16, 2015
    By GIULIA MILANA and SAM NEWMAN On Tuesday, March 10th Molloy College Professors Jamie Cohen and Matthew Applegate visited Jericho High School’s Creative Writing classes to discuss the Internet’s impact on communication. Instructor and director of Molloy’s...