Happy April Fools’ Day 2015!

Breaking news! A baked goods cartel has run rampant at Jericho High School, the seniors have decided to visit a dude ranch for spring break, and the JerEcho has officially become BuzzFeed. Oh, and Happy April Fools’ Day!

To all of our subscribers: guess what? All 19 of these emails you’re receiving in rapid succession may seem irritating, but by receiving them you’re honoring a wonderful tradition here at the JerEcho: every April Fools’ Day, we release our satire edition, the JerUh-Oh, which lovingly teases the Jericho community. So, yeah. You’re welcome.

If you aren’t subscribed but are still visiting our site because you were just dying to listen Dr. Artiles freestyle, enjoy! Explore! And if you like what you see (and hear), subscribe!

A special thank you to Ms. Valenza’s Creative Writing classes for all of their contributions.





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