Pegasus Sneak Peek – “Daydream”


Jericho High School sophomore Sabrina Wong is an avid member of Pegasus, and her work will be featured in the 2014-2015 publication. “My piece is about what it’s like to spend a boring day in class and how the human mind wanders. I wrote this piece in hopes that other people can relate to it and understand what it’s like to daydream,” she said.



Sabrina Wong


“What date did Napoleon stage Le Coup D’état?”

“The Limit of x goes to 0 of Sinx/Tanx = ???”

“Na(NO3) + KCl???”


Our minds wander

Swimming in a sea of subconsciousness

We can’t help it



Sometimes we stare out the window

And we start to daydream


The world around us

Becomes submerged in ocean

A little piece of heaven

An underwater fairytale


The sky becomes water

The clear, salty kind

Glinting and sparkling in the sunlight

Refreshing all the while


Flowing and rushing


Ever changing

Crests of waves falling

Warm currents mixing with the cold


The ground turns to sand

Trillions and trillions of grains

Crushed coral pink

Powdered limestone white

An infinite sea within itself


Buildings become strange rock formations

Full of mysterious nooks and crannies

Kelp-y, sea weed-y surfaces

Porous areas

Nameless shapes

Eel ridden scrags


Schools of rainbow fish zip by

Scales flashing in the light

Flicking and writhing, fearing sharks


Marveling at the world around us

We’re a million miles away

10,000 feet under

Visiting a forbidden and wonderful sphere

We are finally happy


But we are snapped back

Dragged in

As a wave of reality hits us


The window reappears

And the world around us

Becomes our world


The water becomes the sky once again

Arid and lifeless

The blues dullen

The air becomes still

Dense and suffocating

Becoming even harder to breathe than water


The ground becomes conglomerate

The sands are there

(Tan, grey and white)

But are without their movement and character

Frozen and bound in place


Buildings become buildings

We are locked in

Tall and stiff

Rigid and daunting


Leafing mindlessly through papers

Yawning and stretching

Resting our faces in our palms

Slumped over in desks


“November 9th, 1799”

““The Limit of x goes to 0 Sinx/Tanx = 1”

“Na(NO3) + KCl -> NaCl + K(NO3)”


We daydream all the while


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  • Bela Kirpalani
    1 May 2015 at 4:12 pm -

    Wow Sabrina, really nice work! And good article Maddie!


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