Teens, Teachers and TV


More and more people have been watching their favorite TV shows online rather than on cable, and Jericho High School’s students and teachers are no exception. Many students and teachers prefer to watch their shows on the bigger TV screen, but will do without it for the sake of convenience.

Senior Maddie Kaufman watches "Friends" in school.

Senior Maddie K. watches “Friends” in school during a free period.

The appeal of applications and websites such as Netflix is that the shows that are available come with captions and without ads. “Netflix is addictive because I can binge watch my TV shows in one sitting with minimal interruption,” explained junior Priscilla M. “It contrasts greatly with normal cable, which is annoyingly riddled with advertisements and does not come with subtitles most of the time.” Another aspect of these applications that is appealing is the ability for the viewer to choose when and where to watch. “Netflix allows me to watch my shows anywhere with WiFi. I also don’t have to worry about when I watch my shows, which is perfect for my busy schedule,” explained Priscilla. Madeline K. agrees, “On Netflix I am able to choose all the shows that I want to watch, especially the ones that aren’t shown on TV anymore.”

Junior Vanessa Eng enjoys watching Netflix while in school.

Junior Vanessa E. enjoys watching Netflix anytime she can.

Jericho students and teachers find ways to work around their schedules in order to watch their shows. When asked about her TV watching habits, math teacher Ms. Shannon said, “At night after all my work is done I sit on my couch and watch television. I prefer watching it on my TV because it’s bigger, but if I need to watch something on Netflix I watch it on my iPad.” Similarly, Junior Vanessa Eng prefers to watch her shows on a bigger screen, “It’s just an overall better experience on a bigger screen. The image quality is better and so is the audio.”

However, some students explain that they don’t have the time to watch TV. “My schedule is really packed. Homework, studying, and sports really get in the way. I think the last time I got to watch TV was spring break,” said freshman Benjamin W. “I know what you’re probably thinking, ‘You’re only a freshman,’ but hey, I’ve got to maintain those grades,” he said.

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