• Saying Goodbye to our JerEcho Seniors

    by - Jun 24, 2015
    By ALEXIS CORBIN and CHLOE CITRON This year the JerEcho bids farewell to our largest group of seniors yet. We will miss you and wish you well as you go forth. Photos not working? Click here. ...Read More
  • The JerEcho Award List 2015

    by - Jun 23, 2015
    By TAYLOR KANG The JerEcho participated in the 2015 Long Island Press’ High School Journalism Program on May 27th and brought home 21 awards, with 11 first place wins, including Best Online News Site. Look below to see the...
  • Since I Passed My Road Test…

    by - Jun 22, 2015
    By CHLOE CITRON Turning 17 has brought many new opportunities, but the most exciting of all has to be my driver license. Since i passed my road test, I have a new perspective on the road....
  • Cooking with Chef Watson

    by - Jun 19, 2015
    By JOSH ROTHSTEIN IBM has introduced Chef Watson, a state-of-the-art recipe developing program. All you have to do is enter whatever ingredients you have, and the program will develop a recipe for you. In addition, you can...
  • Students Carpe Diem on the National Latin Exam

    by - Jun 18, 2015
    by BELA KIRPALANI and SABRINA WONG The National Latin Exam is a rigorous exam given to students all across the world. This year, 27 of Jericho’s Latin students won medals for their achievements on the test.    ...
  • AP Weeks At Jericho High School

    by - Jun 17, 2015
    By NIKKI BERRIN and SAMMI SILVERMAN The annual administration of AP exams at Jericho High School involves many steps that students and faculty take to ensure success.   Photos not working? Click here....Read More
  • Teenage Talent at the Heckscher

    by - Jun 16, 2015
    By AMELIA BAUMANN and SOPHIA ZARIFOPOULOS The Heckscher Museum of Art has produced an annual selective exhibition to showcase Long Island’s high school artists since 2008. This year, 311 student entries were received from 54 public and...
  • Nassau County Math Teacher of the Year, Dr. Matthew DeMarinis

    by - Jun 15, 2015
    By AMANDA DAMON and CARLY LAPIDUS Recently, esteemed math teacher Dr. Matthew DeMarinis was honored with two prestigious awards– the 2015 Nassau County Math Teacher of the Year Award and the Harvard Distinguished Educator Award. Video not...
  • Jericho Residents Experience Spring

    by - Jun 12, 2015
    By EMMA GAN and MICHELLE LU Third Place, Photo Essay — Long Island Press  High School Journalism Awards 2016 Spring is a lively time of great change that brings joy to many Jericho residents. Photos not working? Click here....Read More
  • Decision Day at Jericho High School

    by - Jun 9, 2015
    By ALANNA LEVINE, MICHELLE GELE and MADELINE KAUFMAN On May 1st, many Jericho High School seniors dressed up in their college colors and shared their pride for the future schools. Even First Lady Michelle Obama encouraged...