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The Daily China, the official website of Jericho High School’s Chinese Honor Society, was launched in March of 2015. The blog was created with the help of the 100,000 Strong Foundation and the Asia Society’s “Why Language Matters” newsletter to promote Chinese culture around the world. The site is run by a group of heritage and non-heritage students who share an interest in making Chinese language and culture more accessible to peers and to foster a sense of appreciation for the country’s unique customs and traditions.

Home page of The Daily China.

Homepage of The Daily China.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief junior Cole Pergament said that he seeks to “evoke a strong sense of language connection among his peers.” Pergament has been named the 100,000 Strong Student Ambassador of the Month of March for his initiative. With the assistance of Managing Editor Caroline Chen, Media Coordinator Tyler Futterman and editors Keanna Ghazvini, Jack Josephy and Nicole Chen, Pergament attempts to post new articles every school day.

The articles are separated by month, author and category. The “Language” tab provides instruction on sentence structure and vocabulary; “Culture” offers information on characteristic Chinese cultural customs such as holidays and foods; “Personal Anecdotes” includes stories and reflections by JHS Chinese program’s students about their experiences.

Editors of the blog. from left, Nicole Chen, Caroline Chen, Cole Pergament, Jack Josephy, Keanna Ghazvini, and Tyler Futterman.

The editors (from left) are Nicole Chen, Caroline Chen, Cole Pergament, Jack Josephy, Keanna Ghazvini and Tyler Futterman.

The Daily China seeks to help individuals enrich their knowledge of Chinese culture. With its accessibility and interesting content, the site combines Chinese cultural practices with real world experiences. On the mission statement of The Daily China, editor Nicole Chen said, “The Daily China hopes to guide you down the road to further understanding the Chinese culture with popular idioms, sayings, and personal experiences!”

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