2015 Promposals


‘Tis the season! No, not for Christmas cards or snuggling by the fire, but for asking that special someone to prom. The promposal phenomenon was first acknowledged in 2001 when the “Dallas Morning News” reported Brad Bain’s promposal to Jennifer Tharp, who were dating and worked at the same grocery store. Bain announced over the store’s loudspeaker, “Will Jennifer Tharp go to the prom with me? If she will, call ext. 2243.”

unnamed-31Jericho High School students have also embraced the trend. The 2015 season at JHS officially began when senior Matthew Costa asked his girlfriend junior Rachel Rothstein to prom during the school’s annual Fashion/Talent Show. Soon after, videos and photos of many of this year’s promposals appeared on social media. Senior Sam Newman’s promposal to his friend senior Carly Lapidus was posted on Facebook, and now has over 140 likes. Newman took advantage of the weekly Video Yearbook officers’ meeting to ask Lapidus. The homecoming video the officers were watching faded into a montage of pictures of the pair set against the theme song to “Friends” and ended with “Prom?” written on the screen in the iconic “Friends” font. Newman explained that he and Lapidus enjoy watching “Friends” on Netflix; the two even co-wrote an article about the hit show for the JerEcho. “I used my skills with video and film to put something cool and fun together that I knew Carly would enjoy. The thinking about it took a while, but once I had the idea, I got it done pretty quickly. I was relieved because I knew she would say yes, but I was happy when it was all over,” Newman said.

Seniors Maddie Kaufman and Cody Miller are planning on attending prom together. Of her promposal Kaufman said, “After school I was walking to my car and there were balloons everywhere, including inside of my car. Cody wrote ‘Prom?’ across the hood of my car and stood next to my car with a ‘Prom?’ sign.” Kaufman knew Cody was asking her, but she had no idea it would happen that day. Miller said that he had brainstormed for two weeks, and that his brothers helped him come up with the idea. “I was happy it went well and everyone got to see it as they were walking out of school,” said Miller.

Jericho High School’s prom will be held on June 25th at the Glen Head Country Club.

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