The JerEcho Award List 2015


The JerEcho participated in the 2015 Long Island Press’ High School Journalism Program on May 27th and brought home 21 awards, with 11 first place wins, including Best Online News Site. Look below to see the full list of winners from that contest as well as some others.

Online – News Site – First Place, JerEcho

Editorial – National/International – First Place, Matthew Swickle, “Feelings of Hope for Greece”

Arts and Entertainment – First Place, Mikaela Adwar, “Star Struck with ‘The Fault in Our Stars'”

Media Column – First Place, Michelle Lu, “Youtubers Succeed Beyond YouTube”

Headline – Entertainment – First Place, Sam Newman, “Shrek is an Ogre-Sized Success”

Online – Arts and Entertainment – First Place, Sam Newman, “Newman’s Oscars: 2015”

Online – Editorial – First Place, Rebecca Simon, “JPOV: Feminism Yesterday and Tomorrow”

Video – News Story – First Place, Nick Albicocco, Ryan Kamber and Eric Brett, “Jericho Residents Blast New Speed Camera”

Video – Feature – First Place, Giulia Milana “Nico Vigliotti- One Year Later”; Second Place – Rachel Hirschheimer “Sweet Treats”

Video – School Spirit – First Place, Giulia Milana, Mikaela Adwar, Carly Lapidus, Sam Newman and Evan Silvera, “Lip Dub 2015”

Online – Photo Series – First Place, Amanda Damon, Carly Lapidus and Rebecca Simon, “Humans of Jericho: Success Edition”

Photo Essay – Second Place, Alexandra Nolan and Gabby Garten, “Park at Your Own Risk”

Online – Feature – Second Place, Alanna Levine and Rachel Hoffman, “Minutes Away, Worlds Apart”

Arts Review – Art – Second Place, Sabrina Wong, “Scholastic Art and Writing 2015”

Arts Review – Album – Second Place, Rebecca Simon and Evan Silvera, “‘Hozier’ Album Review”

Government – Local – Second Place, Carly Lapidus and Nikki Berrin, “Where Did All the Baked Goods Go?”

Informational Feature – Second Place, Alexandra Nolan, “Student’s Opinions Are Sound on Texting and Driving”

Business – Third Place, Gabby Garten, “Students Race to Use Uber”

Review/Criticism – Third Place, Sammi Stein, “‘Orange’ Is Now Back”

Cartoon/School Illustration – Third Place, Arianna Scavone, “Just A Minute of Art – Wonderful World”


2015 Adelphi University Quill Awards

Honorable Mention for Most Outstanding Reporter – Alanna Levine

Second Place for Best Online Writing – Giulia Milana “Nicolas Vigliotti: One Year Later”

First Place for Best Arts Review – Taylor Kang “‘Birdman’ Soars”

First Place for Best Feature – Alanna Levine “Minutes Away, Worlds Apart”

First Place for Best Online Newspaper – The JerEcho


Press Club of Island Island’s News 12/Hank Logeman High School Journalism Scholarship Award – Alanna Levine



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