High School Cafeteria Gets a Makeover


The Jericho High School cafeteria was renovated over the 2015 summer break and has been causing a lot of buzz among students and faculty members. 


The new round tables have seven attached seats.

The updated cafeteria includes a wide variety of features including round tables, blue booths, and counter seating in the senior lounge. Only good intentions were put into the renovation of the cafeteria, mainly concerning the safety of students. “We began to see that kids were jumping over each other to move from one end to the other. In case we need to evacuate the cafeteria, you want to be able to get people out as quickly and easily as possible,” explained Assistant Principal Dr. Artiles.

Dr. Artiles also explained another valid point for remodeling the cafeteria. “Another goal was to motivate kids to go to lunch.  I would love to see everyone eating, or just taking a break. If we can make that environment more welcoming, then by all means it’s worth the effort.”


New booths in the cafeteria have been placed around the exterior of the room.

However, some seniors were opposed to the new arrangement. Senior Arden G. said, “The new arrangement isn’t bad, necessarily, but the senior tables are gone, taking away from one of the biggest senior traditions at Jericho.”   Likewise, senior Julia L. said, “You can’t move chairs if you don’t have enough room at a table, which can sometimes cause people to feel left out when they can’t sit with all of their friends.”

Positive reactions were also prevalent with the refurbished cafeteria. “I like the new cafeteria because it looks like High School Musical,” said senior Olivia S. Another satisfied senior Jaclyn S. explained that she likes the new cafeteria because the new colors are very “school spirited.”

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