Fans Icy about Islanders Move to Brooklyn


The New York Islanders’ move to Brooklyn this year was terrible.  Long Island fans are facing an extreme inconvenience, making it more and more difficult to attend games. Since school is in session, kids are too busy to take a long car ride or train ride to the Barclays Center. The times of the hockey games changed dramatically too, because the Islanders have to share the space with the Brooklyn Nets. The Isles should have stayed in Uniondale where they belong.

I don’t approve of the move to Brooklyn at all because now I will not be able to attend games as frequently as I did. My friends who had season tickets no longer have them because it’s too much to go from school to Brooklyn. Last year, the energy in the Coliseum was at the highest level it had been in years.  The memories of four straight Stanley Cups are gone, and it is upsetting to see all of the history in the building disappear.

Along with the move to Brooklyn, the Islanders also look different–literally.  They added a black-and-white jersey to their collection trying to represent a Brooklyn theme. The team also did away with every fan’s favorite mascot, Sparky.

Even though the venue was altered, fortunately, the team was not. They still have their goalie, Jaroslav Halak, as well as  valuable players such as John Tavares, Kyle Okposo and Johnny Boychuk. The Islanders are looking to make a playoff push this year because they have a year of postseason experience under their belts with essentially the same team in place.


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