TV Characters Lose Their Lives



This fall  “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “The Walking Dead” have gone through some major changes including the loss of lead characters.


Elena Gilbert was deeply loved by the audience and many characters, especially by Damon Salvatore.

Last season’s finale of CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” left viewers curious after the departure of main character, Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev. She has been the center of the show’s “Stelena-Delena” love triangle ever since the show first began. Now after season 6, viewers have become skeptical about the show’s main focus. JHS junior Fallon B. said, “I always loved watching the show’s love triangle. Now I really don’t know what the show will be about. I can’t picture the show without Elena, and I don’t think it will be as good now that she’s gone.”

Similarly, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is another widely popular show that lost a very important character. In the third episode of season 6, fans were left devastated after the death of Glenn played by Steven Yuen. However, people are skeptical about his death and how it actually happened. Devoted fan and Jericho junior Blake W. said, “You never actually heard Glenn screaming in pain. In my opinion he will come back, but you can never be sure.” This mystery keeps the audience intrigued and uncertain as they wait for questions to be answered.

The popular ABC drama “Grey’s Anatomy” has left the world shocked and heartbroken with the death of main character Derek Shepard played by Patrick Dempsey. The show is in its 11th season and has surprised its audience once again. This is not the first time the show has lost a big character. Christina Yang played by Sandra Oh unexpectedly left the show back in season 10. Fans however did not think the show could survive. Now that it is back, things at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital are very different. Fan and junior Arielle K. shared her concerns. “This season has definitely felt very different than past seasons. I’m not really sure if the show is going to last, to tell you the truth. I’m so upset because Derek was always my favorite character and I can’t picture the show without him,” Arielle said.

JHS teachers also watch some of these shows. Although there have been major character losses, Spanish teacher Mrs. Tomkiel is still a loyal “Grey’s Anatomy” fan. She said, “The show does a good job of keeping the medical cases unique in a way that has you rooting for each patient to make it and each doctor to succeed.”

Even though this season of “Vampire Diaries” has come to a close, you can still watch past episodes on the show’s website. “Grey’s Anatomy” returns Thursday, February 11th at 8 o’clock on ABC.

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