Rundown Weight Room Revamped


After twenty long years the athletic department and physical education staff decided that the run down weight room was in desperate need of renovation.

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With the renovation of the weight room, new products such as a squat rack and bench press have been introduced to Jericho Students.

After waiting an entire off season for the renovations to be completed, many wrestlers are anxious to get back to cutting weight and making some gains.  When asked about previous experiences with the old weight room, varsity wrestler Matt T. said, “Last year when I’d go to the room to cut weight before a match, there would be lines for most of the machines I wanted to use. The machines that weren’t occupied were uncomfortable and annoying to set.” Since the repairs were finished, the new setting of the machines and the elegant façade is pleasing to the eyes of many, and encourages their use.

The new and improved weight room features an improved façade and modern machines.

The new and improved weight room features an improved façade and modern machines.

Junior varsity wrestler Daniel F. said that the new safety precautions were an added bonus to the new machines. “I remember one time when one of the freshmen came in and put 105 pounds on the bench press. When I asked him if he needed a spotter he replied no. After 3 reps he was unable to bring it back up, causing us to run over and help.” There are several new components that help increase the safety for the lifters. Frames located on the squat rack and a bench press help ensure students can safely get out of a dangerous situation.

One disappointing result of the renovations was the loss of  a piece of Jericho athletic history. In order to encourage students to lift larger amounts, students were allowed to write their names on the walls of the weight room under the category in which they maxed out.  For example, if a student maxed out at 150 pounds on the bench and 200 pounds squatting, they were able to write their names on the wall. This tradition started in the 1980s and ended during the renovation this year when the legendary names were painted over. Wrestling coach and physical education teacher Mr. Brodsky said that it is saddening that so many years of student accomplishments were lost, but on a positive note, it allows for new records to be made. Many students will strive to be some of the first athletes to put their names on the new wall.

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