10 Things to Do for Singles on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and for all of the single people out there, the one thing on their mind is, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to be alone!” Don’t worry because here are 10 fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day if you are single!

1. Curl up in bed with some chocolates and Netflix.
Just ask senior Lindsey S. who said, “Netflix is my true boyfriend.”


Netflix will always be there for you.

2. If you’re not the laying low type, go out with some friends. Think about it. You’re not tied down, and you are free to do what you want!
Consider it a normal day like junior Cameron L. who said he “goes on with his usual routine and hangs out with friends.”


Who needs a boyfriend when you have such great friends!

3. If you are feeling some good ol’ self pity, watching a sappy romance film by yourself is always the way to go.
Junior Sabrina M. said she “plans on gluing her eyes to the TV and watching romance movies all day.” Some classics are “The Notebook,” “The Vow,” “The Proposal,” and “The Best of Me.”


Buy yourself some flowers and display them in your home to make yourself happy!

4. TREAT YO’SELF: Just because someone else isn’t buying you gifts for the holiday doesn’t mean you can’t buy some for yourself!
Senior Maria K. agrees and said she “always treats herself on Valentine’s Day and sees nothing wrong with buying herself  chocolates or flowers.”


You can also buy yourself a Valentine’s Day gram from Jericho High School’s A Capella group, Noteworthy!

5. Don’t encourage the mushy gushy couples on social media. 
If you are like senior Jake M. you “won’t give them a ‘like’ because they are gloating.”


Instead of focusing on couples, focus on your dog and dress it up in cute Valentine’s Day apparel!

6. Surround yourself with people who love you and make you feel good about yourself. 
Junior Victoria P. said that, “Being with people you love on Valentine’s Day is the best way to spend the holiday.”


Noteworthy members Molly, Dana and Daryn are excited to deliver the telegrams, and spend their Valentine’s Day with friends.

7. Embrace being single and love yourself (as Hailee Steinfeld would say). 
Take advice from senior Nico D. who said, “I’m young and want to enjoy these years while I can.”


Cuddle up by yourself in a robe and fun slippers!

8. Buy yourself a nice meal because you don’t need someone else to do that for you!
Seniors Arianna S. and Alexis C. said, “Valentine’s Day is overrated and we would much rather go out to dinner with each other.”


Alexis, left, and Arianna have been friends for many years and spend every Valentine’s Day together.

9. Pretend it’s a regular day. 
If you’re like senior Ashley S. you’ll spend your day like you usually do, “alone with a head of kale.”


Ignore the Valentine’s Day decorations around town. It’s easy to pretend they’re not there!

10. Look forward to future Valentine’s Days!
Senior Iggy C. said, “I hope to spend my future Valentine’s Days with my wife and children.”


Starbucks sells many Valentine’s Day treats like these cookies which you can enjoy by yourself!


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