Jericho’s New Late Night Hot Spot

Third Place, Food- Restaurant Review — Long Island Press  High School Journalism Awards 2016
The Broadway Diner has always been the perfect place to get a late night snack, but recently a new hot spot has been sharing the spotlight. Hamza & Madina Halal Food, also known has “The Halal Cart” is fast becoming a very popular late night food stop.

Although the food cart has been running for about 7 years, it did not gain much popularity until the summer of 2014 when Jericho students decided to try the mysterious flashing cart in the parking lot of Apna Bazar. “What’s not to love about Halal? It’s like an explosion in my mouth when the sauce hits my tongue. I love everything about Halal,” said senior Nico D. He claims that he eats from the cart at least 3 times a week and is not afraid to go in the late hours on a school night. “I’ll usually go by myself only because I don’t like people watching me eat,” Nico said.  Senior Ignazio C. said, “I’ve eaten at Halal for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same day one time. I love Halal. It’s amazing.”


The Halal Cart flashes brightly on Broadway south of the Hicksville train Station.

Ami, who works the late night/early morning hours, believes that he has the best job in the world. He loves seeing new faces and making people laugh and smile. Whenever my friends and I go to the cart he greets us with the usual, “Hello my American friends, what would you like?”
Their most popular dish is the classic lamb and chicken over rice with white sauce. It’s always the perfect meal to satisfy your hunger. Eating halal with your friends is a great way to cap your night off. “It’s a great atmosphere over there, great guy within the cart and it’s always a guaranteed good time,” said senior Adam F.
Personally, I like to go to Halal on a nice warm night with my friends. There is usually a line at all times so I don’t suggest going on a cold night. Although it is in a dark and intimidating area, you know you’re safe when you’re under those flashing lights. The lamb and chicken over rice with salad is just too good, and I can’t get enough of it. If you haven’t tried it yet, then stop reading this right now and go get yourself some halal!

The most popular dish is lamb and chicken over rice with a side of salad, and is highly recommended.


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  • Edward Tan
    7 April 2016 at 6:05 pm -

    Too much white sauce!! I prefer a little less white and a LOT of red haha. Great article! Halal is getting really popular around big cities. I believe alumni Chris C. from the graduating class of 2015 was the one who first started bringing halal card food to school.

  • Bela Kirpalani
    23 March 2016 at 10:18 am -

    Yummy stuff, Ryan! I look forward to trying out “The Halal Cart”!


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