A Bit of a Whisk


An undercover sting operation has recently exposed a black market utensil ring. Math teacher and now undercover agent Ms. Jacobsen led the operation which resulted in the arrest of the culprit.

It seems some Jericho students were bothered by the cafeteria staff’s decision to hide the utensils during non-lunch periods. One of Jericho’s most rebellious students Mary T. led a rebellion against the utensils being hidden. “It’s ridiculous how I can’t even eat my salad because I can’t find any forks. It’s like they don’t even carrot all.” Infuriated sophomore Sally added, “I walk around with chocolate all over my face almost every day until lunch because there are no napkins for me to use before that.” 

On the crime scene, this box full of stolen utensils was discovered. Using the DNA found all over the box, police ran tests to assure that Mary T. was the main culprit.

Using DNA found all over this box, police ran tests to assure that Mary T. was the culprit.

Cafeteria ladies explained their reasoning for hiding the prestigious utensils. “All of these Jericho kids are so reckless and greedy. If we leave out the utensils, even the box won’t be left behind the next day,” they said. But, their plan has backfired as their utensils were being sold on the black market. By disabling the security cameras and picking the cafeteria locks, the stealthy student stole immense quantities of utensils during the cafeteria ladies’ breaks.  When the cafeteria staff prepared to serve lunch, they were met with empty boxes. Students became so desperate that they paid thousands of dollars for their cutlery. Stores like Costco and Target went out of business due to losing customers to the black market ring.

When the surveillance videos were obtained, evidence was found of stealthy, Mary T. stealing the utensils and putting them into her secret box.

Surveillance videos show Mary T. stealing the utensils.

Naive Mary T., who thought of Ms. Jacobsen as her favorite teacher and life coach, went to her for help with calculating her possible income. She told Ms. Jacobsen her plans and the teacher quickly figured out Mary’s entire scheme. That night Ms. Jacobsen accompanied Mary as she delivered the stolen utensils to her client. Ms. Jacobsen tagged along, secretly recording their conversations. Afterwards, she showed fellow workers at her agency the evidence and had the student arrested. “It’s such a surprise. I can’t believe my most rebellious student would choose to commit such a high crime,” Ms. Jacobsen said.

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