Expecting Teachers Share Same Due Date


Mark May 2nd on your calendar! Three faculty members: Mrs. Harsche, Mrs. Christiansen and Mrs. Dreiss are expecting their babies on that day.

This is Mrs. Dreiss’s second child and her second son. She is excited to re-use his older brother’s clothes and feels she knows what she is doing this time around. Mrs. Dreiss said, “I am excited to give my older son a playmate as well as see how the two of them are similar and/or different.”

Mrs. Harsche is also having a boy and it will be her first child. She explained that she is very excited to be a new mom.

Mrs. Christiansen is also having her first child and said, “I have no gender preference. I am just hoping for a healthy child.”

All three women agree that Mrs. Dreiss will have the baby first due to the fact that she has had one before. Mrs. Dreiss predicts that she will have her baby on April 26.

The JerEcho is excited for all of the new additions to the Jericho family and wishes all three teachers the very best.

See the JerEcho main page to cast your vote on who you think will have her baby first.

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