Triller Takeover


Now you can star in your own music video with the new “Triller” app which has become an overnight sensation with almost 1 million music videos made daily. It is a simple way to create homemade music videos of you and your friends with just the click of a button, and has become very popular with Jericho students due to its simple and easy concept.


About 1 million “Triller” videos are created each day, by people all across the United States.

Users choose any song from their own music library or from the app’s selection. The video can be as short as 12 seconds, or last for the duration of the entire song. Next, they choose from the numerous filters or effects that are featured, and then record the music video. The app does the editing and the result is a video creation that can be posted on social media or shared with friends.

“I first found out about ‘Triller’ through Facebook,” said Jericho junior Arielle K. “It looked really cool and professional, so I


You can choose from the hundreds of songs in the “Triller” app library, or you can select a song from your own music library.

decided to download it. I became obsessed. It is so much fun and so easy to use.” Students often post “Trillers” on Instagram, and on their friends’ Facebook walls for their birthdays or just for fun. Even celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kevin Hart have made “Trillers”, making the app even more popular. “I love making them with my friends,” said Jericho junior Julia A. “It is so different from any other app because the videos turn out a lot better.”

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