National Art Honor Society November Events

Here are the NAHS Events for November 2016.


One of National Art Honor Society’s past events was painting pumpkins, which were then sold. Senior Lauren M. painted over 25 pumpkins.

Art Submissions

Please submit your finished art work and an artist’s statement for our newsletter. Please submit your work to Canvas. This will count as an event for the month of October.

Recycling Initiative

Please look on Canvas or see Ms. Zegel for any information.

Crayon Donations

We’re collecting Crayons to re-purpose. Please donate your used, unused, destroyed or even brand new crayons. Collection boxes are located in the back of Room 123.

NAHS created a mural for the Kids Helping Pets Club. The money donated will help train another guide dog.

Design Contest

We are looking to create a poster design for Dr. Artiles. The poster must be 18″ x 24″ and include the following words in this order: positive, mindful, attitude (with an exaggeration on the first letter of each word). You can use any media including photos, paint, or drawing. Feel free to run your ideas by Ms. Gilfedder before starting.

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