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While most people love Halloween candy, others fear it. Many are concerned that the candy kids receive and consume may not be safe. 


Jericho student Ryan S. with candy that he couldn’t eat due to his food allergy.

Most parents check their children’s candy after trick-or-treating. Jericho Freshman Luke B.’s parents always take this precaution, and that makes him feel reassured. “My parents do check my bag when I come home. It makes me feel much safer,” he said. Jericho Middle School teacher Mrs. Lacey said, “I love Halloween candy in general, but I do think that parents should check their children’s candy before letting them eat it.”

While safe, there are other types of candies that are unhealthy to eat such as sticky, chewy, high sugar, sour, and high calorie varieties. There are some healthier substitutions such as dark chocolate, sugar free gum, chocolate with nuts, and hard candies.  Concerning her own children’s treats, Jericho Middle School health teacher Ms. Kamvakis said, “We go through all of the candy to make sure it is all safe and unopened, but otherwise I let them eat everything.”

Another concern about Halloween candy is that there might not be an expiration date, but rather a string of characters. Therefore, parents will need to find out the expiration date from a different source, or throw away the candy.

Trick-or-treating can also be harder for people with allergies. Freshman Ryan S. said,”My parents investigate my bag of candy because I have an allergy to nuts.”  Some manufacturers offer a solution. The company Indie Candy has released their line of all natural, allergen free Halloween candy. 

Jericho mother Janie S. shared her concerns with the protection of her children while trick-or-treating. “When my children were in elementary school, I would walk around with them and their friends, as well as their mothers to keep them safe,” she said. When asked if her children are allowed to eat all of their treats, she said, “As long as it’s not opened or pure sugar, I allow them to eat all of their candy over a period of time.”

While some Halloween candy offers some risks, many precautions can be taken to keep children safe.

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