Application Frustration


During the first few months of this school year, high school seniors have experienced the whirlwind known as the college application process. Seniors have become overwhelmed with excitement, anxiety, and stress from this busy and novel lifestyle which sometimes causes interference with  success in school. Not only are college applications extensive and time-consuming, but also concurrent schoolwork can become unbearable for some students. 

Applying to college is a very emotional time in a student’s life. Senior Julia A. said, “The idea of it is exciting. The process, though, is not. I would describe it as extremely stressful and time-consuming.” Similarly Blind Brook High School senior Jamie B. said, “Overall, it is a very stressful process” and she added that it is “tedious, strenuous, and overwhelming.”

The combination of school work and college applications can be extremely tiring and anxiety-provoking. Julia A. said, “Applying to college distracted me and led me to ignore some of my insignificant homework to get my applications done on time.” Byram Hills High School senior Rianna R. said, “In all, college applications and homework take about three to four hours a night depending if I have a test the next day. Sometimes, I don’t have enough time to study for my exam because I am up until 2 a.m. writing a college supplement.” Similarly, Jericho High School senior Ashleigh A. said, “I have been staying up super late and haven’t had any free time to focus on my schoolwork.” She added, “I am not as successful as I would like to be because I put so much time and effort into college. It has drained the life out of me.” 


Guidance Counselor Ms. Becker is just as busy with college applications as students are. “It feels overwhelming for everyone,” she said.

Jericho High School Guidance Counselor Ms. Becker revealed what she had heard from her students about their experiences with their college applications. “They are overwhelmed. Excited. Some are confused, Some kids are avoiding it,” she said. Although Ms. Becker believes this process provokes anxiety, she feels the application process in some ways prepares students for college work habits.  “They [colleges] expect you to meet their expectations. They want you to be able to handle both school and college work because that is an attribute they are looking for in an admit,” she said.  Former College Admissions Officer and current Guidance Counselor Mr. Rubinstein said, “College admissions officers expect that seniors will be able to successfully balance the application process with a challenging academic program and activities outside of the classroom.”

Now that some applications have already been sent, seniors are extremely excited to hear back from colleges. For some, the waiting process may be even more stressful than the application process itself.

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