Is FIFA Mobile Heading to the Top?


The new FIFA Mobile release has proven to be a game changer. FIFA Mobile is easy to access and can be played anywhere as long as there is a WiFi connection. The game’s huge changes have led to an attraction of new gamers while repelling some old players.


New features like events, energy, and attack mode were added into FIFA Mobile.

New features to FIFA Mobile include attack mode, live events, pack animations, player ratings, leagues, and player controls. Freshman Jason C. is a fan of the new features. “I like the new card designs and the new live events, you can get new prizes. The new attack mode is fun to play against other people to try to score more goals,” he said.  Junior Alex B. tested the game and said, “I like how easy it is to go on and start a game on the app. I think the game can implement more online games or make it so you can play with other players at the same time.”

The updated game has brought some drawbacks. Multiple students expressed their criticism of the game’s changes. Freshman Jason C. said, “Energy should be removed and countries that don’t play soccer as much should be replaced with countries that are developing a lot better.” Junior Alex B. said,”The graphics can be better. I dislike that the game takes a little too long to reward players with a good amount of coins.” 

Freshman Tyler W. played previous versions of this game and decided not to download or play FIFA Mobile this year. “I just didn’t like the changes to the new game compared to the Xbox version or previous Mobile versions,” he said.

With overall positive ratings, users will enjoy a year of FIFA Mobile until next year’s release.


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