Introducing Jericho’s New Weather Station


In 2016, Jericho High School installed its own weather station that updates every two hours. It calculates the wind, temperature, and moisture and converts it into readable form. 

The weather station has many different abilities to enhance the weather report. It includes a thermometer, a hygrometer which measures relative humidity, and a barometer which calculates atmospheric pressure. A barometer can also help to predict upcoming weather based on the changes it measures in the atmospheric pressure. An anemometer is another crucial part of the weather station because it measures how fast the wind is blowing and includes sensors to measure the wind’s direction. Although the weather station can’t predict perfectly, it estimates the situation according to the collected data which gives us some ideas to approximate.


“It’s good for students to learn how weather works,” said Ms. Randone.

This station was initially installed in 2015 but there were some minor issues, so the station was re-installed in 2016. It  is connected to AccuWeather to enhance the reports. Located on the rooftop of Jericho High School, the station is run by earth science teachers Mr. Mills and Ms. Randone , who have taught students how to predict the weather. This station is also checked by the IT department once or twice every week. 

There is an app for the weather station called “Weather Underground” and if you refine your search down to Jericho High School, you can connect to the Jericho weather station. Mr. Mills said, “The weather station is automated and students can access the raw data that comes from it and use it for better learning.”

Weather has to be local. Even when you see a government report, you are really getting a local weather report. There is nothing more local than having your own weather station because you get the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. The best part is that whenever there is a threat, you will be notified. Many occupations require paying attention to the weather such as photographers, airline officials or pilots.

When asked for his thoughts on the weather station, senior Shiv S. said, “I think having our own weather station is great. It gives us knowledge on weather predictions and patterns.” Additionally, senior Irtaza R. thinks the weather station is beneficial because “the app is more accurate than other apps.”

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