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Hmart recently replaced the very popular but bankrupt Waldbaums, and Jericho residents are welcoming the change.


Hmart provides a variety of American and Asian groceries for its customers, as well as cosmetics from the brand Tony Moly.

According to Newsday, Hmart bought the Waldbaums store located at 336 North Broadway in Jericho for $3.45 million dollars. The new store brings an additional cultural aspect to the area along with new food options.

The H in Hmart comes from the Korean saying “han ah reum” meaning one armful of groceries. The supermarket chain has been around for over thirty years, with the first Hmart opening in 1980. Hmart has locations all over the country with stores in California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York.  The store serves hot prepared food as well as traditional groceries. Jericho’s H Mart offers a dining area, as well.

Jericho students who served as employees had varied sentiments about working at Hmart. After working at Hmart, senior Vincent Y. said, “The management there was kind of hectic. They initially didn’t really know what they were doing.” He added that employees aren’t granted a discount. On the other hand, senior Muhammad A. had a positive working experience, saying, “It was good working there, and you have to do a lot of hard work.”


The Hmart parking lot is frequently at maximum capacity.

Jericho students have mixed feelings on the opening of Hmart, “This is more cultural and I believe it’s better for our community,” said freshman Jordan M. Additionally, freshman Alanna P. said, “I like it because I love eating the free samples.” However, Hmart’s popularity has caused issues with parking. Jericho computer aid Ms. Compitello said, “The parking situation is much worse now that it’s Hmart.” Likewise, senior Sara M. said of the crowded lot,“I think it’s horrible.”

Hmart provides the Jericho community with a new food experience that is easily accessible and readily available. Give it a try!

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