• Jericho Takes a Stand for National History Day

    by - Feb 28, 2017
    By MAYA MASHEB Students from the Social Science Research class at Jericho High School will be participating in National History Day this year, a competition in which students research a particular topic and share their findings...
  • Working on Water Wellness

    by - Feb 15, 2017
    By LARRY DING, JASON CHOI and YASH KUMAR Water is a very important resource. However, it is not as valued as it should be. A group of high school students have made an effort to preserve...
  • The Gilmore Girls Are Back

    by - Feb 13, 2017
    By SOPHIA ZARIFOPOULOS The Gilmore Girls are back, but they are not as caffeinated or as witty as we had hoped since the Gilmore Girls revival, “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life,” was a disappointment....
  • Fly Fishing Reeling in Students

    by - Feb 9, 2017
    By IRENE JIANG, DANIEL CHOE, and MUHAMMAD ASIF Explore the exciting new Fly Fishing Club led by Mr. Romano. Media not working? Click here...Read More
  • Uncovering Above

    by - Feb 7, 2017
    By KATIE LEIGH, JORDANA PEARLMAN, and EMILY NELSON At some point in every Jericho student’s high school career, they will walk through the old wing of the high school near the Principal’s office, but little do...
  • Let the Battles Begin

    by - Feb 2, 2017
    By JAYDEN KUPFERMAN and LEETAL PREZELMAYER Jericho High School experienced its first ever breakout, an event during which Student Council surprised the student body with sweets to kick off this year’s Battle of the Classes competition....