Phones in Cells


Teachers have been fighting back against the widespread cell phone use during class time by placing students’ devices in phone jails. Whether it be to maintain their three-hundred day streak, to text their friends about a test, or to discuss weekend plans, cell phone use has gotten out of hand among students at Jericho High School.

A frustrated teacher takes away a student’s phone who was snapchatting during class.

Disgruntled math teacher Mr. Trig had begun implementing phone jails into his classroom as extra credit when the cell phone use became excessive. He said, “I began taking their phones away and sending them to the most dangerous prison, Appletraz, in attempts of helping students regain their focus. Prior to doing so, students were answering the word problems with the amount of days of their highest streaks.” He also claimed that every student in each of his classes had been snapchatting pictures of him during a lesson with the well-known dog filters. Mr. Trig is upset with how students are treating him. “Students have acted really phony towards me,” he said. 

Although Mr. Trig had good intent, his phone jail has actually ended up being more of a detriment than a help. Many students have begun ditching school to go visit their phones. In order to access their phones, students have had to do resort to illegal activities such as breaking into jails and stealing phones of others around them. 

Eventually, students rose up in revolt and Mr. Trig was fired. In response to how he feels about this he said, “Hopefully, I can teach math in another school where students don’t have cell phones.” Mr. Trig was last seen serving iced coffee at the Jericho Deli.


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