Honoring Coach Bachman


The Jericho Basketball team celebrates Bachman on his incredible achievement.

In a recent banner unveiling ceremony, Jericho boys varsity basketball coach Walter Bachman was honored for his induction into the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame. Coach Bachman has worked for the Jericho and Valley Stream school districts for 36 years, along with having attended Jericho schools. With 406 coaching victories, 8 conference titles, 6 Nassau County titles, and 1 Long Island championship, his induction was certainly justified.

Athletic Director and Assistant Principal John Mankowich is incredibly fond of the coach. ”He is such an outstanding coach and has such a wealth of knowledge about the sport, while also being great with the kids. He is truly an asset to the athletic program,” he said.

Assistant Coach Barry Coval, who has been working with Bachman for 15 years, praised the influence of the head coach. “I have learned a tremendous amount under Coach Bachman, and he does so much more than just win basketball games,” he said.

Coach Bachman’s banner illustrates the lasting legacy he will leave n the basketball program.

This is proven true by the remarks of Coach Bachman’s players. Boys varsity basketball player and senior Ben A. praised Coach Bachman and mentioned how his coach has taught him not just basketball, but also life lessons. One such occasion according to Ben was a memorable Thanksgiving speech. “Coach Bachman had recently lost his father, and it was very emotional, and since then, I have always made it a priority to talk to each family member every time I see them,” Ben said.

Freshman Brandon W. said, “He knows a lot more about basketball than prior coaches I have had, and he is very experienced. He also helps younger players develop outside the court. He does not only teach basketball. He helps people prepare for life outside of high school.” 

Coach Bachman credits his players with his and the program’s success. “Without all of the amazing teams I have had, I would certainly not be in this position.” He conveyed his deep connection to Jericho. “I went to school in Jericho. I was in the class of 1968, and lived and grew up in Jericho so it is amazing to be able to coach here for so long,” Coach Bachman said. He has been very humbled to enter the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame. “It  is a tremendous honor, but again, I could not do anything without the players that I have coached, that have helped me along this journey,” Coach Bachman added.

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