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Soon after the firing of Jeremy Clarkson from BBC’s “Top Gear”, the co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond announced that they would not host the award-winning show without him. With the current “Top Gear” season being hosted by new people, the show has experienced a significant drop in ratings and a mass exodus of viewers. This has set the stage for Clarkson to make his dramatic return in “The Grand Tour.”

This new show is a great jumping-on point for new fans and a welcome return to form for the old fans. Multiple teachers who were fans of the old show, shared their thoughts about both “The Grand Tour” and the legacy of “Top Gear.” Mr. DeMarinis enjoyed “Top Gear” and said, “The humor interlaced with the car review elements have always been my favorite parts of ‘Top Gear’. You don’t need to love cars to be able to enjoy the show.”

The hosts of “The Grand Tour” are, from left, Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May.

When asked to compare the two shows, Dr. Artiles said, ” I think ‘Top Gear’ is simpler and more stripped down and Grand Tour is more ridiculous.” Although he preferred the original “Top Gear” show’s style, Dr. Artiles added, “Top Gear was not going to survive without Jeremy.”

With expensive cars, beautiful locations, top-notch cinematography and wacky antics, “The Grand Tour” definitely has the ability to reach out to new viewers. When asked if he would consider watching the new show, social studies teacher Mr. Coval said, “I think I would be most intrigued by not just the cars, but the connections between the cars and the places.”

“The Grand Tour” has reminded long-time viewers what it was they saw in “Top Gear” that made it so unique, and has given new viewers the perfect point of entry to get acquainted with the cast and their zany antics such as sabotaging each others cars or pushing them off of cliffs. With a second and third season already scheduled with Amazon, this is a tour we’re not abandoning any time soon.

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