Focus on 2017 Regeneron Scholar Nathaniel Lee


Nathaniel Lee

Novel Femtosecond ZnSe Ceramic Based Optical Parametric Oscillators: Cost-Effective Lasers for Infrared Spectroscopy Applications

Nathaniel’s project is on the novel application of ceramic based materials for cheaper infrared lasers. “Previous infrared laser systems based on optical parametric oscillation have involved expensive and dangerous-to-fabricate monolithic crystals. As such, my project allows for future research to focus on this laser and its applications due to its decreased cost, including breath disease diagnostics to detect diseases before symptoms arise, and standoff/ranged detection of IEDs and chemical weapons,” explains Nathaniel. “My research has taught me the value of applying other seemingly unrelated skills from various spheres of experiences to solve problems. As a whole, the experience moulded me into one who always holds onto visions despite setbacks.”
Nathaniel has been named a Regeneron STS finalist and has won $25,000, in addition to being named Siemens National Semifinalist. Additionally, he has placed 1st at NYSSEF and 2nd at LISEF in the Computer and Mechanic Sciences and Engineering Mechanics categories, respectively, and was part of the Lexus Eco Challenge First Place team in 2016.
Outside of school, Nathaniel enjoys Boy Scouts and programming with his startup team.

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