Not-so-new Hires Reflect on Year One


With the 2016-2017 school year coming to an end, the Jericho Senior High School new hires took some time to reflect about their initial experiences, and all are excited for what is to come as they continue with us.

One of the new hires of the school year, Mrs. Rogovitz, taught four classes in Jericho high school including:  Sports Marketing, Marketing, Wall Street, and Entrepreneurship. She also taught Home and Careers in the middle school.

Mrs. Rogovitz said that she learned that at Jericho High School “students truly value their education.”

Next year she will be teaching a Fashion Marketing class, which she is  looking forward to.  About her first year here, Mrs. Rogovitz said that she was “more nervous than anything else because being in a new school district is definitely challenging.”

Italian teacher Mrs. Percontino said that her favorite unit to teach this year was Global Challenges because it deals a lot with current events. She and her students compared issues going on in Italy like immigration and the environment with the U.S. “I like making connections with the kids about current events and global challenges,” she said.

Mrs. Percontino said that over the summer she will miss her “classroom and seeing the kids’ smiling faces.”

Mrs. Percontino plans to continue making her lessons more current as she plans for next year.


Mr. Lahti said he was excited about “the opportunity to work at Jericho and interact with faculty and students of such high caliber.”

Physical education teacher Mr. Lahti was looking forward to getting to know his students and the faculty this year, but was also nervous for what to expect. “I was probably nervous about coming into a new school and learning how everything operates and how the students interact with the teachers. Luckily they’re very good students and are always eager to learn,” he said.  His favorite units to teach were the fitness and yoga units.  Mr. Lahti explained, “Some students like the fitness while some like the yoga, so Mrs. Dunn and I really accommodated both types of students.” Mr. Lahti also said that he had to learn to adapt to the students’ schedules by allowing them to have some flexibility during AP testing weeks.

The new hires had a successful school year and each is excited for next school year and can’t wait to be introduced to new students.


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