“Grayson” Makes a Splash


Grayson is about the true story of its author Lynne Cox and her encounter with a baby whale. On the day of the interaction, Cox was practicing strokes in Seal Beach, California. Suddenly, the sea started to shake and several fish started to swim away. Looking behind her, she is terrified to see a huge whale. It turns out that it is a lone baby whale, and so together they swim in search of the mother.

Throughout their long swim, the baby whale appears and disappears many times.  Lynne names the whale Grayson. They become attached to each other. Just as the very exhausted Lynne is about to give up hope, she spots the mother, and the whales are reunited.

This book is very interesting in that it displays a unique perspective of why we should protect the oceans. It demonstrates that some animals have complex emotions, and focuses on a unique bond between two creatures normally not compatible. It shows that there is so much to learn about our environment.

I encourage everybody to read this book. It is very detailed and when reading, it is easy to picture that incredible day in your mind. Apart from drawing attention to why we should protect our environment, it also introduces many aspects of marine biology. If you like this book, you can read other works by Lynne Cox such as “Swimming to Antarctica.

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