Girls Varsity Seniors Say Goodbye to Soccer


The Jericho girls varsity soccer team put on an outstanding performance for their senior game under the lights at the Robbins Lane soccer field. Before the game, the underclassmen gave eloquent, heartfelt speeches that were filled with gratitude. With statements such as, “Ariel, you are very good at lifting the team’s spirits when we’re down, and you always know the right things to say when we need you to” or “Sydney is very supportive, encouraging, and wants the best for everyone on the team” the underclassmen proved to each and every senior that she is loved and will always have supportive friends whether it is on or off the field.

Seniors hold up their mock jerseys that they were given to remember their time playing soccer at Jericho.

Each senior played her heart out and proved to everyone that she was not going down without a fight. While the game ended in a disheartening loss to New Hyde Park with a score of 2-1, the energy on the field was apparent to all. In addition, the team will also be sending off the head coach, Lonnie Bresnick, after 13 years. His presence and passion on the field will be greatly missed. Best of luck to the Jericho girls varsity soccer team, and congratulations to the seniors!

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